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Core Web Vitals: Why and How Are They Relevant for WordPress - HostReview.com

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If you’ve heard about the Web Vitals of Google, then the chances are that you’re interested in how your WordPress page connects to it. Or perhaps you have little to no idea of what the project is all about and why it matters for the aforementioned digital platform. Whatever the case may be, we’ll cover everything you need to know about CWV and how it affects WordPress.

We’ll also talk about strategies and practices on how to elevate the score of your website so that you can improve your search rankings and user experience. Continue reading to learn more.

In a nutshell, Google’s Core Web Vitals or CWVs are new initiatives designed to measure users’ experience when browsing the Web and improve upon it. Rather than concentrating solely on standard metrics, such as how fast an online domain loads, it focuses on the website’s overall performance and ability to deliver a top-quality experience for users. After all, people care more about the speed at which they can begin interacting with Web pages, and this is what CWV aims to determine and measure.

At the moment, three primary areas contribute to the Google Page Experience. The first one is the Largest Contentful Paint or LCP, which refers to the site’s loading performance. Secondly, you have the Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS that focuses on its visual stability. Last but not least is the First Input Delay or FID, which is all about the page’s interactivity. Based on Google’s determination, these three are the metrics that...

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