Saturday, October 16, 2021

Google Adds Search Console integration to Google Analytics, New Data Attribution Modeling - Social Media Today

Last updated Tuesday, October 5, 2021 16:34 ET , Source: NewsService

As it slowly progresses towards a cookie-free web environment, which will change the way data can be processed and attributed, Google’s looking to add more machine learning tools into Google Analytics, as well as additional insights elements to help marketers better understand their web performance.

First off, Google’s looking to add more search insights, with a new integration with its Search Console platform.

As explained by Google:

“Search Console provides detailed information about your website’s organic Search performance, including the site’s rank in Search results, queries that led to clicks, and post-click data, like engaged sessions and conversions. With the new Search Console integration, you'll be able to understand the role that organic Search plays in driving traffic to, and engagement on your site, relative to other marketing channels like Search ads, email, or social.”

Analytics has always incorporated various search insights, and for many, those will be enough to provide a picture of how Google search is driving traffic to your site (or not). But for those looking to further optimize their SEO processes, the new Search Console integration will provide more specific data, which could help you develop a more all-encompassing, and engaging, SEO optimization process.

In addition to this, Google’s also adding data-driven attribution, with no minimum threshold requirements, to Google Analytics 4 properties.

Google’s data-driven attribution models give you a...

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