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How SEO Professionals & Agencies Win New Business [Survey Results] - Search Engine Journal

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Where do you find new SEO business opportunities and clients?

Maintaining a steady stream of leads and inquiries to constantly feed your pipeline is essential to the growth and success of your SEO agency and/or career.

In our recent State of SEO survey, Search Engine Journal gathered insights from 2,830 SEO professionals with varying salaries, levels of experience, and specializations.

And in this article, you’ll find key insights on how SEO freelancers, consultants, and agencies generate new business and win clients. You’ll learn:

  • Which channels are most effective for driving new business.
  • How lead generation and marketing results differ for B2B vs. B2C and agencies vs. freelancers.
  • What has been working for SEO professionals looking to gain new clients and grow the business.

What is the Most Successful Channel for Driving New SEO Business?

According to 45% of State of SEO respondents, their personal or company website is one of the top three channels for generating new business.

Google search is also a popular lead generator for SEO pros (no surprise there), as is having a dedicated sales team.

Channel for new business Percentage Volume
1 Website 45.2% 1195
2 Google search 28.0% 740
3 Dedicated sales team 27.4% 724
4 Google ads 24.7% 653

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