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How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Searchability - Business 2 Community

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Are you interested in getting more people to watch and share your YouTube videos? If so, you’re not alone. Over 2 billion people use YouTube each month, and that trend is growing year over year.

Business owners and marketing teams know that video content is 50x more likely to drive organic traffic back to their website, which means more sales and engagement. Videos also give us a unique opportunity to put our value proposition on display while educating and entertaining our target audience.

Today, we will show you several proven ways you can use to optimize your YouTube videos for searchability. We’ve found that when you combine all of these strategies, you have a much better chance of appearing on the elusive first page of Google and YouTube for your chosen keywords.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Start by Choosing a Highly Relevant Topic

First, let’s talk about why choosing a highly relevant topic is critical to your success. You could spend countless hours creating top-notch content for your channel. All that time will essentially be for nothing if your videos don’t resonate with your target audience.

We all have a specific group of people we hope to reach. For instance, as the name implies, an online pet store wants to reach people who own pets. The best way to find these people is to create content featuring the type of pets owned by potential customers.

Analyze your website analytics, feedback forms and talk to your audience on other social media platforms. Use what you...

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