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Product-Led SEO [Podcast] - Search Engine Journal

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Do you know which SEO strategies will successfully drive traffic, leads, and sales for your company?

Do you need insights on how to approach online visibility?

When it comes to SEO, success often depends not on what you do but on how you do it.

Eli Schwartz, the author of the book “Product-Led SEO,” joins Loren Baker on this episode to discuss long-term SEO strategies and how to implement an SEO mindset throughout your company.

Instead of offering step-by-step guidelines and techniques, this discussion digs into the logic and theory of SEO as a whole.

What I call product-led SEO is taking many, many steps back and asking these questions:

Why is a search user going to find us?
How is the search user going to experience our website?
Is there a reason that Google should send search users to us?
When our audience finds us, will they fall into some sort of funnel?” –Eli Schwartz

Many times engineers aren’t at all sold on SEO, so therefore, you have to get them to care to do something for you that doesn’t actually benefit their bonus or benefit the way they’re going to be measured.

That’s more important than a win, because if you get someone to care about your goals and you can scratch their back, and they’ll scratch your back, that helps you further down the road.” –Eli Schwartz

[0:00] – How Eli started and how SEJ led him down the path to his book
[02:41] – Where Eli spent most of his career
[04:12] – What he learned working for a company like Survey Monkey
[04:53] – What...

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