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7 Machine-Learning Use Cases in Marketing Automation - MarketingProfs.com

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If you want to rule marketing today, you have to not only possess information but also track valuable data for your business. Knowing that a company has 100,000 faceless clients is not enough; it is vital to understand what those people are interested in and what can be offered to them.

An effective way to improve marketing performance and increase sales is to use machine-learning (ML) technology to help improve and automate your marketing.

The marketing automation software market will almost triple by 2026, reaching $19.66 billion, according to Mordor Intelligence. Martech solutions and technologies will become a priority in the coming years.

Seven Areas Where Machine-Learning Algorithms Are Useful

1. Marketing Analytics

Imagine a marketer tasked with analyzing a huge volume of customer information. The marketer can apply a descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive method of analysis, but those are not enough for modern business.

Thanks to ML-based analytics, specialists can assess the performance of marketing campaigns, improve them, and make predictions for the future far more quickly.

Use cases: MIT's ZyloTech platform uses machine-learning to sort customer data and create relevant recommendations. Converseon, which partners with companies such as Google, Cisco, and IBM, uses ML to select and analyze social media insights so businesses can better respond to customer needs and demands.

2. Content Marketing

Machine-learning allows marketers to forget about...

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