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7 SEO and marketing KPIs you should include in your business strategy - MintTwist Blog

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Any business that you run online should stick to a certain marketing strategy. This strategy aims to build awareness around your brand, promote your product or service, and help you make more sales.

However, if you want to see if your digital marketing strategy works, you must track specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We have outlined the are the most important SEO and marketing KPIs any business owner should take into account.

SERP visibility and share of voice (SOV)

You might wonder why two different KPIs are combined in a single section. The thing is that SEO-related KPIs linked to SERP visibility are related to a marketing KPI called share of voice (SOV).

So, what is the similarity between these two KPIs?

SOV measures your advertising share compared to your competitors. But the practice shows that the brands compete with each other to be more visible across organic channels. In other words, SOV measures how your brand is visible in the market online.

Hence, the higher SOV of your brand, the more visible it is. And if the online visibility is estimated via the number of organic traffic your website drives, the SERP visibility is a KPI that is worth your attention for sure.

How to measure these KPIs?

One of the easiest ways to measure SERP visibility is to compare your website’s traffic with the competitors. For this, you can use the Batch Analysis tool from Ahrefs. Just copy/paste the domains in question and review the traffic column.

You should take into...

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