Friday, October 22, 2021

Car PR Execs - Quid Pro Quo, Its Only Fair - The Auto Channel

Last updated Wednesday, October 6, 2021 17:55 ET , Source: NewsService

Please take a moment to read our thoughts on our "One Hand Washes The Other" relationship...

Co-founders Note: Kudos. Unpaid-For Editorial Brand Exposure has been proven to be in a Virtual Tie with Paid-For TV Advertising In influencing Automotive Purchasers according to a new report from Foresight Research.

I'd say that this data should finally empower car maker PR execs to do what's right, to be able to step up and control budgets to monetarily support the publishers of automotive editorial web sites, editorial web sites that have been giving car companies space and time for free and providing the most effective support for auto brands without receiving even a minimum paid-for payment, its now time to step up before its too late. Will it have to come to..."no monetary support, no more freebies?" Subaru For 1997 (theautochannel.com)

The ownership of The Auto Channel believes that after 26 years of providing Subaru with free access to our audience for your brand's advertising and publicity its only fair for us to receive an earned share of your paid advertising.

The truth is we feel really taken advantage of when after The Auto Channel edits and publishes your brand's news or a new vehicle review at no cost, we see your paid advertising aired on the most obtuse no audience cable TV shows, paid-for-advertising that will generate less impact on the purchase decision while profiting from free exposure that reaches a more meaningful audience.

Free exposure is great for your...

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