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How Google My Business Can Help Your Search Marketing - Promo Marketing

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Google My Business is a place that Google provides for businesses to create their own profile, and it’s one of the most underutilized online tools by distributors.

There are many advantages to having your own business profile on Google My Business. It’s important to note that it does provide many more advantages to local B2C businesses where proximity is a factor, because it’s tied to Google Maps and picks up the results based on the map location. But there are definitely worthwhile advantages for B2B distributors as well, where Google doesn’t factor in the location and distance in the same way, as buyers will want to visit the website and not go to the business.

A Few Things to Know About Google My Business

Some people confuse Maps with Google My Business. Appearing on Maps doesn’t mean you have a Google My Business account.

Because Google wants to have as much information as possible of every business for its maps, it will add your business to the maps based on information it collects through the internet.

As crazy as it may sound, Google lets anybody create a profile for your business and even leave reviews, with you having no access to your own profile. That’s why you want to take control of the situation by creating your own profile or claiming it if there’s one already.

Benefits of a Google My Business Account

1. It Helps Your SEO

When you create your profile, you are basically adding your business to Google’s directory of businesses. This validates your business...

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