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How Negative Reviews Affect Your Reputation and Your SEO - Business 2 Community

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Your reputation is influenced by the reviews people leave about you, your offerings, or your business. As part of what Google calls E-A-T (i.e., expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness), online reviews are strong indicators of trustworthiness — an important ranking signal. Therefore, maintaining and enhancing your online reputation should be a part of your SEO efforts.

Also called reputation management, improving your online reviews is an increasingly popular offering among SEO agencies. At seoplus+, we often include it as part of a holistic SEO strategy. The goal is to increase the quality and quantity of online reviews, which will improve your reputation, increase your prominence in search results, and boost your visibility among local SEO listings.

More importantly, increasing the number of reviews adds social proof and influences other factors such as believability. They may not all be perfect, but a few less-than-desirable reviews are, in some cases, desirable. For example, a business with 10 perfect reviews (e.g., five stars out of five) will be less believable than one with 1,000 less-than-perfect reviews (e.g., 4.2 stars out of five).

But what if you have too many negative reviews?

What Shapes Their Perception of Reviews

Several key factors play a role in how people look at reviews. Chief among them are recency and authenticity. The more recent and believable the reviews are, the more influential they will be, too. Therefore, continually...

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