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How to Prioritize Technical SEO Issues Without Rocking the Web Dev Boat - Search Engine Journal

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Do any of these sound familiar from dealing with your IT or development team?

“Why didn’t they run this by me first?”

“Were they even thinking about SEO when they did this?”

“Why aren’t they prioritizing my requests?”

Take a deep breath; you are not alone.

Remember how hard it was to get a meeting with the content writers for that keyword research workshop? Now think about doing that with developers – and on top of that, needing to add requests to their already busy queue.

Most organizations, especially when we talk about digital marketing projects, are still working in silos.

Developers are also very busy!

SEO professionals are always planning out the content to re-optimize or produce. The same can be said with developers. They have weekly sprints, tech debt, and are always on call for when something goes wrong with our website.

We need to better understand how to communicate with the development team, how to prioritize issues, and how we can change our process moving forward so we can work better together.

In this column, you’ll learn more about how we can prioritize technical SEO issues without rocking the web development boat.

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