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State of SEO: The Top Opportunities & Risks for the Next 12 Months - Search Engine Journal

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State of SEO: The Top Opportunities & Risks for the Next 12 Months [Webinar]


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Where should I focus my SEO strategy for the next year?

What emerging factors will help me get ahead of my competition?

What threats could hinder my success?

Our September 28 webinar examined the answers, moderated by me and presented by Shelley Walsh, Special Projects Editor here at Search Engine Journal.

Here’s a recap of the webinar presentation.

In May 2021, Search Engine Journal surveyed 2,830 SEO professionals and got a fantastic result response to our very first flagship state of SEO survey.

From the survey, we’ve taken the data and related it to moving forward for next year.

The focus is on emerging factors in SEO and what the threats are.

We are going to look at:

  • What you should already be doing
  • What you should start doing

Here’s a translation of these results and why they should matter.

First The Good News

Despite pandemic uncertainty, client budgets have increased.

This chart represents how many businesses have doubled down on online spending and reduced offline spending quite considerably.

It also underlies how many clients initially froze their...

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