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Selecting Pillar Page Topics – Ways to Go about It - Legal Reader

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You can generate a long content piece to answer all queries in the buyer’s journey and enhance the domain authority and keyword rankings.

Today there is excess content online! Hence, Google and other search engines are in an overdrive to read the content and rank it correctly. While relevant content and keyword research are essential, it has also become important to establish authority on a given subject.

Users today use long-form queries. About 29.13% of the keywords have monthly searches for more than 10,001 comprising three or more words. And with the increase in the conventional search intent, there are pillar page strategies ventured to the scene for catering to those queries. With umbrella-like content, topic clusters and pillar pages enable clear authority indication and easy categorization.

It might sound easy to you. However, pillar page strategies are time-consuming and require comprehensive planning for correct execution akin to the SEO domain. To know more about it, you can get in touch with any SEO company in India.

Understanding a pillar page

Simply put, a pillar page is a long-form content piece, such as a white paper or guide, which acts as the foundation for the topic clusters for specific topics. It provides primary data on the particular topic and links to cluster pages, which give details about the topic. The pillar pages should have a thorough explanation and get outlined as an “early-stage” content piece. Also, cluster pages that link to pillar...

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