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A Window Into the Past: How Has the Performance Marketing Industry Changed Over the Past Decade? - PerformanceIN

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past month, you’ll know that we’re gearing up for PI LIVE London, which will take place next week. Unearthed from the archive, we came across a gem from our illustrator, Joel Cooper, who created a couple of masterpieces as part of a4uexpo. Who remembers our first show in 2007?

This window into the past offers us an opportunity to see the trends and issues we were discussing at the time in comparison to now.

“What do I do with all this data? How do I act on what it’s telling me?”

We are facing the impending death of third-party cookies, despite Google pushing back the phase-out until 2023. This means unprepared marketers are beginning to panic about the loss of data and are working on solutions. A stark difference from this theme from 2010, where having a large amount of data and not knowing what to do with it was the worry!

However, right now, before the phase-out of third-party cookies by Google, there is a huge amount of data available. Whereas in 2010 there were far fewer sources, there are now hundreds of ways to acquire, manipulate and set it to good use as part of your performance play.

The industry is now at the point where we’re now seeing issues surrounding personalisation and the amount of personal information that customers are being targeted with.

At this year’s PI LIVE London there are some great opportunities for you to keep up with the latest on this topic, including a talk from Tomas Seliokas, Solution Business...

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