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Google’s new policy means it literally won’t pay to deny climate change; Monday’s daily brief - Search Engine Land

Last updated Monday, October 11, 2021 10:00 ET , Source: NewsService

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Good morning, Marketers, “basic” does not mean things are easy or always obvious.

That nugget of wisdom comes from Google’s John Mueller. In a Twitter thread about freelance and agency SEOs asking “basic” questions, Mueller shared that he prefers people ask such questions “because many are afraid to ask and also need to know the answers. Better to ask (or at least listen) & learn than to assume a falsehood is true.”

Search professionals are quick to point out that the industry undergoes constant change. While most of the fundamentals stay the same, “basic” is a relative term and sometimes standard practices do change, like when Google confirmed that it hasn’t supported rel=prev/next for years.

There are also a lot of SEO myths out there — so many, in fact, that Google has produced an entire YouTube video series called SEO Mythbusting. Reiterating foundational knowledge can help dispel these urban legends. And, more basic questions may also mean that the industry is growing, which is always exciting.

George Nguyen,

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