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Post Boost - Quid Pro Quo - The Auto Channel

Last updated Monday, October 11, 2021 16:55 ET , Source: NewsService

Auto Central Louisville KY October 11, 2021; Kudos to automotive PR departments. Your unpaid-for placed contextual Brand communications has been quantified to be as effective as the brand's big budget ubiquitous Paid-For TV Advertising in influencing Automotive Purchasers according to a report from Foresight Research.

This data should finally empower PR execs to do what they have known is the correct thing to do – Boost the audience of their published releases and reviews, the Quid Pro Quo...the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship.

The ownership of The Auto Channel believes that after 26 years of providing car makers with free access to our audience to webcast their brand's news and vehicle reviews...the new reality is that an ROI to Boost viewership is not only smart but necessary.

Free brand exposure has been great for your company, but unless publisher's receive a commensurate share of advertising and promotional budgets we won't be around to editorially promote your products.

The Auto Channel audience of over 500,000 viewers a month and its measured Domain Ranking of 70 are so valuable to autocentric advertisers seeking higher GOOGLE SEO rankings that they pay us $200-$300 to publish a guest editorial...over the past quarter of a century your company has recieved the service, but has paid zero.

We don't want the relationship “you take-but-not-give” to evolve into The Auto Channel and other editorial non e commerce based web sites charging car makers for...

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