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Vlog #141: Charley Spektor On Google Search Console vs Other Tools & Proof Of Concept SEO - Search Engine Roundtable

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In part one spoke about Charley Spektor's background and the joys of working on the Home Depot project and link building. Then in part two we spoke about Search Console helping us fine keyword opportunities and the important of content pillar pages.

(0:14) Search Console vs Google Ads & Other Tools:

He said the disparity between what you see in Google Search Console compared to Google Ads keyword tools and even other third party tools is big. He explained why he believes that to be the case more so with niche business sectors. Low search volume can be hard for these tools to get accurate information and data on. This is why you hire SEOs who can interpret the data in the tools and provide strategy that makes a difference.

With the Screaming Frog tool, you can find gaps quickly by crawling your competitor sites. You can quickly see in a word cloud, you can then dive in and see what type of keywords you should target and the terminology they are using. As you can see, using multiple tools together and getting the details out of them you need, really needs an expert.

(6:11) Google MUM Algorithm:

We then briefly talked about Google MUM, and how Google uses it to unify how people search for COVID vaccine names. The big question is how will MUM be used to potentially impact content pillar pages or maybe it won’t impact any of that. But Google has a long way to go here, they are making big strides but still.

(9:59) Proof Of Content SEO:

We then spoke about how to tackle...

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