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Google Explains Rendering and Impact on SEO - Search Engine Journal

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Google’s Martin Splitt participated in a webinar about web page rendering and how it impacts SEO. Rendering is what happens when a browser requests a web page, it’s a key part of Core Web Vitals scores. Understanding this helps take some of the mystery out of Core Web Vitals.

Web Page Rendering

Web page rendering is what happens between the browser and the web page, the process of building a web page. An efficient rendering process results in high Core Web Vitals scores.

Less efficient rendering can impact sales, advertising earnings and even web page crawling to a certain extent.

Google’s Martin Splitt was asked to define what rendering is.

Screenshot of Martin Splitt Explaining Rendering

Martin responded with an analogy between cooking a meal from a recipe and making a web page.

HTML means HyperText Markup Language. It’s a format for creating documents that can be accessed with a browser through the rendering process.

Martin Splitt explained rendering:

“If you think about HTML as a recipe, and you have all the ingredients in there:

You have a bunch of text

You have a bunch of images

You have a bunch of stuff

But you don’t really have it in the recipe. The recipe is a piece of paper with all these instructions on how to make a thing.”

The first part...

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