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Google’s New Best Practices For Writing Page Titles - Search Engine Journal

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Google published updated best practices for writing page titles, which includes tips on how to prevent your titles from getting replaced in search results.

The way page titles are generated in search results changed back in August.

Google rolled out an update designed to replace some page titles in SERPs with text that’s more “readable and accessible.”

This update is said to impact less than 20% of page titles. Though it’s possible that number could go even lower if sites start following Google’s new suggestions.

In a new document found in the “Advanced SEO” section of Google Search Central, the company provides a revised set of best practices for writing page titles.

Google also lists the most common issues that lead to page titles getting replaced.

Here’s a look at the updated guidance from Google for what it is now referring to as “title links.”

Google’s Best Practices for Writing Title Links

The clickable titles that take users to pages found in search results are now known as title links.

Previously they were referred to as meta titles or simply as page titles.

It’s helpful to have a new term to distinguish them, because a meta title and a title link can be different pieces of text even though they’re both page titles.

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