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10 Blogging Tips to Capture the Right Audience (and Keep Them) - Search Engine Journal

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Got a solid blogging strategy? I’m here to challenge it.

Don’t have one? Keep reading.

Developing the right blogging strategy – and optimizing it regularly – is essential.

Here’s why: You need a strategy for efficiency. But when the strategy overruns creativity, the value is lost.

If you’re consumed by looking for keyword synonyms, perfecting keyword placement, and choosing the optimal anchor text for internal links, your blog will turn into a word game (read: boring).

What you should be focusing on instead is user intent and providing valuable answers to the questions your audience is asking.

That’s where the beauty of quality SEO content comes in. When you do it right, everyone benefits – search engines, your target audience, and of course you.

What Makes or Breaks Your Blog?

Let’s start with the factors that are an absolute must for your blog SEO.

I call these blog busters because any one of them can make or break your blog.

Open up your to-do checklist.

Blog Buster 1: Desktop-First, Mobile-Second

More than 50% of search traffic comes from mobile devices.

Blog readers expect mobile-responsive blogs, and Google knows that. That’s why being mobile-friendly is a ranking factor.

A blog should provide an exceptional user experience for readers on desktop and mobile – not one...

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