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Google On Small Business SEO & How it’s Changing - Search Engine Journal

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Google explains how small business SEO is shifting and how industry experts can adapt to keep up with their needs.

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Google’s John Mueller suggests the way small businesses do SEO is changing in a way that industry experts aren’t keeping up with.

Much of the content on the web aimed at helping small businesses is based on an “old school” way of doing things, Mueller says.

He goes on to explain how experts can shift their messaging and adapt it to the way small businesses are most likely to approach SEO.

This topic is discussed during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout recorded on October 8, 2021.

A person writes in who just started to learn SEO in preparation for the launch of a small business website.

They ask Mueller for some guidance in this area, which leads to him commenting on the old school nature of the advice they’re likely to find online.

Google’s John Mueller on Small Business SEO

In response to the question, Mueller says there’s many helpful SEO starter guides published on the web by industry experts.

The advice tends to be accurate, Mueller says, as there’s not much false information out there about the very basics of SEO.

However, the beginner’s guides are out of touch with how businesses build and optimize websites.

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