Friday, October 22, 2021

The Morning After: Someone made a USB-C iPhone - Engadget

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Years ago, I wrote this piece about how I really wanted the iPhone to adopt USB-C and retire its Lightning connector. This was just after the advent of the company’s first iPhone Pro models with pro level features, like surgical-grade stainless steel and, er, three cameras. Fast-forward to now, just after the launch of the iPhone 13 series, and I still don’t have my USB-C iPhone. Fortunately, there are engineers that like a challenge.

On his YouTube channel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology student Ken Pillonel teased an iPhone X with a USB-C port, promising a full video later on how it was done. In an earlier video, he also explained how he reverse-engineered the Lightning connector, pulling out an integrated circuit from a third-party cable and hooking it all up to a USB-C connector. Yes, this is not something most of us should attempt.

It’s certainly possible for Apple to do the same, given the iPad Pro and new mini have USB-C ports. Europe recently proposed USB-C charging as standard for all phones and electronic devices — which may speed up Apple’s adoption.

— Mat Smith

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