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Google on Separating Content By User Intent - Search Engine Journal

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Google recommends separating content by user intent— this is what it means by that.

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Google explains what it means when it suggests separating content by user intent, such as one place for information-based content and another for transaction-based content.

Separating content by user intent allows Google to serve the right pages to the right user at the right time.

Otherwise, Google may end up serving product pages to people who aren’t interested in buying anything.

But does that mean you can’t have information-based content on the same website as transaction-based content?

That’s what site owner Christian Kunz asks Google’s John Mueller during the SEO office-hours hangout recorded on October 8.

Kunz operates an ecommerce site and he’s concerned about adding too much information-based content to his product pages.

He asks if the non-transactional content should be siloed off into its own section.

Or, perhaps, should it not be on the site at all?

Here’s what Mueller advises.

Google’s John Mueller on Separating Content

When asked for clarity on separating content, and whether it should be done at the page-level or website-level, Mueller says:

“I don’t think we have that documented or defined. But my understanding is that this is more of a page-level...

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