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Where Do SEO Professionals Spend Their Budgets & Time? - Search Engine Journal

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Which SEO tasks do you spend the most time working on?

Everyone has their own way of working, but there are core areas of SEO that appear to have more time spent on them than others.

For anyone who controls budgets across digital marketing, where do you think the most money is being spent right now?

As part of our series of reports from Search Engine Journal’s State of SEO survey, we took a look at how SEO professionals allocate their budgets and time across digital marketing and SEO.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Where budgets are being allocated in digital marketing.
  • What tasks in SEO have the most time allocated to them.
  • Where digital marketing attention is shifting away from.

How Do Decision-Makers in SEO Allocate Digital Marketing Budget?

In the last 12 months, 6.2% of SEO professionals said they applied all of their digital marketing budget to content marketing. With a weighted average of 2.98, content marketing has the greatest budget allocation in digital marketing.

Meanwhile, 17.9% of SEO professionals said they didn’t apply any budget to digital PR and 30.4% said they allocated little budget. With a weighted average of 2.55, Digital PR has the least budget allocation in digital marketing.

(We asked: How do you allocate your digital marketing...

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