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Why Conversion Rate Optimisation Is the Most Important Element of PPC - Business 2 Community

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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), is the process of optimising your landing pages, sponsored ads and website design to raise your conversion rate. It’s the most important element of your PPC campaigns because, done correctly, it will help turn traffic into all important sales or leads.

Whilst not technically an element of SEO, which is focused solely on increasing search engine rankings and click through rate from the SERPs in order to grow website traffic, CRO is an essential pillar of digital marketing, as it’s all about converting as much of that traffic as possible. Put simply: if SEO is about web presence and visibility, then CRO is about eliciting actions when that web presence has been established.

In this article we’ll be looking in more depth at CRO and how it can transform the fortunes of your business.

Identifying Macro and Micro Conversions

Defining your KPIs is the first step to a successful CRO campaign. The KPIs in CRO can broadly be broken down into two main categories, depending on the action you want the user to take: macro (or primary) conversions and micro (or secondary) conversions.

Most websites focus on optimising their macro conversions, which can be categorised as follows:

  • Revenue-based conversions such as order completion or paid subscription sign up.
  • Lead acquisition conversions such as application form completion (eg. for credit card) or member sign up (eg. for media streaming platforms).
  • Enquiry conversions such as contact form...

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