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What does Google’s infinite scroll on mobile mean for advertisers? - Search Engine Land

Last updated Friday, October 15, 2021 03:00 ET , Source: NewsService

Google announced that mobile users will now have continuous scroll in search results. This means that instead of coming upon a “See More” button after about ten results, searchers will be able to continue scrolling through approximately four pages of search results before seeing the “See More” link.

This has many advertisers wondering what will happen to their Google Ads on mobile devices. This change, which is rolling out over the next two weeks, “does not affect how the ad auction works or the way Ad Rank is calculated,” said Mohamed Farid, Product Manager at Google Ads. But there may be some changes in metrics.

If the page is “infinite” what will happen to ads at the top and bottom? Because of the change to the way search results are now displayed on mobile devices, Google is “redistributing the number of text ads that can show between the top and bottom of pages for US-English mobile queries. Now, text ads can show at the top of the second page and beyond, while fewer text ads will show at the bottom of each page,” said Farid. Shopping and Local ads will remain the same.

Can ads show multiple times for a single query? In short, yes. Google says that this has always been the case, though. “Ads have always been eligible (based on Ad Rank) to show on a search results page and again on a subsequent page,” wrote Farid. Google Ad’s systems take into account if your ad was shown on a previous page when it calculates your Ad Rank for each page.

How will my metrics change? You...

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