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How Google's Latest Search Redesign May Impact Your Business - Inc.

Last updated Saturday, October 16, 2021 11:08 ET , Source: NewsService

Google has been working behind the scenes to redesign its dominant search engine. The official changes were announced late in September at its annual search event, called Search On. The goal, making assumptions based on the changes, is to keep searchers on Google's properties (i.e., YouTube, etc.) longer.

The best way to understand the latest update is with an example. If you are searching for women's shoes, Google will present results that include links to review videos from YouTube, blogs, and links to retailers. It will also make recommendations and help users compare prices without ever leaving the search results page.

In the past, Google had no problem sending searchers away from their properties, as long as the sites provided the best possible user experience. While Google did include links to reviews and retailers in the past, they are now more refined and focused on the key element a person is searching for.

This also means that less traffic may be clicking on your site simply because Google is trying to keep them in place.

Another notable change is that search results pages will show images for many of the results displayed next to the page text. Along with just making search results more visually appealing, it helps searchers know if the page has what they are looking for. Before this update, images were only seen in the uppermost portion of the page, as a suggestion to change to a Google Images search. Not only will images make things more visually appealing,...

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