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Indented search results: Google increasingly relies on "Indented Search Results" - Market Research Telecast

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Many users have already noticed the indented results in Google searches. For website operators and search engine optimizers, an additional result, which is shown indented, can not only increase the click rate on the main result, but also on the website as a whole.

Criteria unclear

However, as is often the case with Google, it is not yet entirely clear which criteria are used here. Search results are linked with one another, which complement each other thematically, but are neither linked by a direct reference in the content area, nor are they directly linked by special information in the case of structured data.

At the moment there is no direct way of being able to exert a direct influence on it as the operator of a website or as a search engine optimizer.

Currently, it can be observed in search engine optimization that both the so-called “longtail keywords” and their counterpart, the “short head”, can produce indented search results. It is definitely clear, however, that Google will apparently not replace the sitelinks that have been known for years – several hierarchically arranged results from the same domain – with the Indented Search Results. This was initially feared by some search engine optimizers.


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