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How Movinnza is helping businesses leverage their online presence via extensive SEO services - YourStory

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An entrepreneurial journey is rife with challenges, risks and surprises. Starting a business can be a daunting task. Yet there are many who push against all odds, taking on whatever hurdles come their way, only to turn their dreams into reality. Movinnza’s story begins just at that - with a dream.

Shailendra Kadulkar always knew he wanted to be a businessman. It wasn’t a dream that his family shared, but he knew he was meant to start something that he could call his own.

Beginning of a brand

“I always wanted to own a business. But my family, who have all held jobs, never thought of entering the business world. So, initially I worked across IT companies for 12 years,” says Shailendra.

It was while working as a web developer when he noticed a lot of work coming around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). During the same time, he observed how major brands were losing traffic due to the absence of an SEO-friendly website. “I thought we could have all these facilities and plans before doing code, which can help customers save development costs and gain good organic traffic,” Shailendra says. So, he learnt the tricks of the SEO trade and started freelancing. “I did one project, where the website appeared on the top of Google’s search results. The client’s happiness inspired me to start my own business to bring many more websites on top through SEO,” recalls the founder.

And thus, Movinnza was born in 2016 with an aim to assist businesses of all scales establish a strong digital...

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