Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How to Make Pinterest Profitable for You[Podcast] - Search Engine Journal

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Looking to open or grow new marketing channels for your business?

Pinterest is now considered a top search engine as posts can be optimized to drive organic traffic.

Lindsay Shearer, the owner of Pins4Profit, joins Loren Baker to discuss how to make Pinterest one of your most profitable marketing channels.

There’s no other search engine that offers quite a visual experience as Pinterest. you can save posts, and come back later to purchase them. It’s got a really unique element to it that people love.

This podcast episode will help you see the opportunity and learn how to grow your business with Pinterest.

“People are finally starting to warm up to this idea that yes in fact it is more of a search engine than a social media. It still has elements of both social media engagement and things like
that but it’s much more categorized based on your keywords and your search intent.” –Lindsay Shearer

“We’ve had such good success with Pinterest because my background and my mind thinks
like an SEO.” –Lindsay Shearer

[00:00] – What do people think about Pinterest?
[01:08] – How Pinterest is more of a search engine
[02:09] – How Lindsay became a Pinterest marketer and lead generation expert
[04:51] – How to rank Pinterest posts and boards
[06:43] – What are Pinterest’s search volumes?
[11:03] – How to get started with a Pinterest strategy
[12:48] – What kinds of businesses work well on Pinterest?
[14:08] – Making native images and communities work on Pinterest
[16:41] – Is there a...

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