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What Is The Most Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Platform Today? - Benzinga - Benzinga

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Cannabis brands and fans alike often run into having their account deleted, banned or suppressed in some fashion. With cannabis-specific platforms still not earning substantial memberships, the industry is left to scramble from platform to platform in an attempt to connect with enthusiasts, buyers, investors, media and other crucial members.
Most sources say one option appears to be the best for cannabis today. Still, alternative platforms and methods may be beneficial to building lasting connections.

Is LinkedIn The Top Social Media Platform For Cannabis Today?

Though metrics or methods to determine the most cannabis-friendly platform aren't readily available, it appears LinkedIn is the most cannabis-friendly platform at the moment, according to anecdotal feedback from various sources.
Cannabis PR and social media professional Alice Moon said LinkedIn is great for connecting industry professionals. "It's more so for people and not brands, but it is a great place for brands to share their latest press coverage and news," Moon said.
She also highlighted Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) for tolerating cannabis content but said its search feature connects the term cannabis with substance abuses messages.
Others agreed. Karina Karassev, co-founder and COO of cannabis packaging brand Stori, said LinkedIn does a good job recognizing cannabis industry professionals.
"Linkedin does an excellent job removing negative stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry," Karassev added.

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