Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Google Alerts Not Working, Here Are 3 Free Alternatives - Search Engine Journal

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Google Alerts is not working, the company advises.

An issue has been identified that is in the process of being resolved.

Exact details, such as the extent of the outage and how long it will take to fix, are not known at this time.

Problems with Google Alerts are not common, but clearly they do happen.

Even a brief outage can be detrimental if it causes a business to miss out on an important alert.

Google Alerts is used to track mentions of specific keywords and topics.

Businesses and marketers tend to use Google Alerts to keep track of media mentions

Certain mentions can create strategic opportunities to respond or earn a link back from the publication.

For example, with Google Alerts you may find a website has credited your work without attaching a link to your business name.

This creates an opportunity to respond and kindly request a link to the page with the work they’re referencing.

It’s not that they didn’t want to link to you— the absence of a link may have been an oversight.

Not all site owners understand the value of backlinks and how vital they are to SEO.

You can add more incentive by reminding them it’s a Google best practice to link to sources, not just mention them.

If they appreciate your work enough to include it in their writing, you’...

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