Friday, December 3, 2021

Google Centerpiece Annotation: Primary Content Of Page & Site - Search Engine Roundtable

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Martin Splitt from Google explained the concept of centerpiece annotation, a term used in Google to define the primary content of a page or site. Martin said they are able to understand that a page's primary topic is on A and the rest of the content on that page might not be the primary. So Google will weigh the content differently based on that, Martin said.

He said this at the 28:50 mark in this Duda webinar, here is what Martin said:

I don't know what we have publicly said about this but I think I brought it up in one of the podcast episodes so I can probably say that we have a thing called the centerpiece annotation for instance and there's a few other annotations that we have. Where we look at the semantic content as well as potentially the layout tree.

But fundamentally we can read that from the content structure in HTML already, and figure out so oh this looks like from all the natural language processing that we did on this on this entire text content here that we got it looks like this is primarily about topic A, dog food. And then there's like this other thing here which which seems to be like links to related products but it's not really part of the centerpiece, it's not really main content here this seems to be additional stuff. And then there's like a bunch of boilerplates, so hey we figured out that the menu looks pretty much the same on all these pages and this this looks pretty much like that menu that we have on all the other pages or of this of this...

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