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How Can Marketers Prepare for Google MUM? - CMSWire

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Marketers and SEO professionals alike watch for Google search engine updates with a mix of anticipation and dread. Google announced its latest search engine update in May, when it introduced Multitask Uniform Model (MUM) update. MUM is a multimodal algorithm designed to provide answers to complex queries by concurrently assessing information across multi-language text, images, video and audio. In September, Google followed its earlier MUM announcement at Search On, with further previews of how MUM could innovate how people search for information.

Google MUM and a Brief Explanation of Multimodal Search

Since its launch in 1997, Google has consistently dominated the search engine market. Over the years, Google has made thousands of changes to its search, culminating with the current algorithm, BERT. BERT enhanced voice search and added features that reorganized how information was presented on the SERP. With MUM, Google introduced a unique machine learning model to account for more complex queries and the ways information is deployed online.

A brief explanation about the significance of the multimodal model: Multimodal is a composite machine learning technique which compares and combines information from multiple sources to form a single response. The "modal" in multimodal refers to the aggregation of data within media, such as visual data from images and video, language data from text documents, and audio data from music and sound recordings. Modalities are incorporated...

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