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Brand and reputation management goes hand-in-hand with all other digital marketing and SEO efforts. Regardless of how well established your brand may be and how you manage your reputations online and not, eventually, a problem will arise.

Managing your way out of a crisis is difficult but not impossible. Below are four tips on how to navigate a crisis in any law firm's life.

1. Monitor Your Brand and Executives

Detect the problem early. Many issues can be avoided if noticed early enough.

While law firms and attorneys are usually extremely busy, it is best to continually monitor your firm's brand and executives. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything that may look like it could develop into a problem for the firm. Monitor your personnel, brand, and key executives, including the founding partners and leadership team(s).

The key people in the firm are more closely monitored because anything they may say or do can negatively or positively impact the firm. Nothing impacts a firm's reputation negatively, causing clients to leave or driving potential clients away than the personal actions of the leadership team.

Monitoring the firm's digital footprints does not have to be expensive. Try setting up Google Alerts for the firm's brand and its partners. Google Alerts are free and easy to set up. This is a good solution for a smaller firm, but you may need multiple monitoring tools if you have a large law office and numerous team members. Which one would best serve your firm's...

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