Friday, December 3, 2021

Is Co-Citation A Google Ranking Factor? - Search Engine Journal

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What on earth is co-citation, and is it a Google search ranking factor?

You may have heard the term co-citation in your SEO wanderings, often in discussions on link building and typically in conjunction with another term: co-occurrence.

Co-citation has long been used by search engines to assist in determining how two seemingly unrelated documents may be connected.

If my tiny home building website (a girl can dream) gets a link from a leading construction publisher this week and your solar power equipment website gets one from them next week, what does that tell Google?

While it’s not indicative of a relationship between you and I, it does suggest to search engines that we have something in common.

But is co-citation actually used by Google as a factor in its search ranking algorithm? Let’s see.

The Claim: Co-Citation As A Ranking Factor

We’ve been talking about co-citation for an awfully long time. Jim Boykin shared a good overview of the SEO industry’s understanding of the concept at the time back in 2006.

He cited a definition from SourceForge that states, in part:

“Bibliographic Co-Citation is a popular similarity measure used to establish a subject similarity between two items. If A and B are both cited by C, they may be said to be related to one...

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