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CWDSC Now Offers Free Website With Its Coveted SEO Package - Digital Journal

Last updated Monday, October 25, 2021 13:18 ET , Source: NewsService

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), one of the most trusted web design and SEO specialists in the Midwest, is always looking for new ways to help its clients improve their search rankings and online presence. They offer a variety of ways in which the company can help in these areas. This includes designing a new website for its clients or putting together a comprehensive SEO package for them. As a special offer the company is now running, clients who contract with CWDSC for one of their specialty SEO packages will also be able to have a new website done for them free of charge. This savings is quite significant when you factor in what each of these services costs when they are priced individually.

Jack Lombardi, the CEO and Founder of CWDSC, had this to say about his company’s latest offer, “We realize that with current events things have not been great for many businesses across the country. The problem is, that for businesses to recover from the financial impact of the ongoing pandemic, it often means they have to come up with the money to invest in the types of services like those that we offer to drive more customers their way. Our newest offer of a free website that goes along with the purchase of an SEO package from us, is designed to help those company’s that may be struggling a little bit now and others that just want to cut costs from their advertising budgets whenever they can.”

The company’s CEO and founder went on to describe the two services that are...

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