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You could invest weeks, months, or even years into building a website to no avail. What happens when your website is not able to draw traffic? One thing is for sure if your website does not draw traffic, there is something terribly wrong. Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is a practice utilized by Google, Bing, and other big search engines to rank websites in the search results. Every webmaster’s goal is to have a high-ranking website. While the top spot is the most sought out, the second and third spots will still earn decent traffic.

An SEO-friendly website will secure a high ranking in the search engine results. In the meantime, you need to create a strategy that will ensure your website is search engine crawlable. Learn more by reading the content provided in the article below.

Unique, Relevant Titles

A major mistake amateur webmasters make is choosing irrelevant, original titles. Choosing the wrong titles will not complicate your content. SEO experts recommend unique titles between 5 and 8 words. For example, you are writing an article for parents preparing their children for preschool. Your title should be geared toward three- to five-year-old children and their parents. An example title would be “5 Ways To Prepare Children For Preschool”. This title is both unique and relevant, making it perfect for your content.

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Domain Matters

First and foremost, you should know that your site’s domain is going to make a...

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