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How to Use Python Scripts to Improve Your SEO? - TechnoChops

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As an SEO specialist, you have to analyze website KPIs, identify weak and strong points of your business, and develop SEO strategies. It requires tedious, monotonous, and unbearably boring tasks that sometimes steal a heavy chunk of your time. As a result, you have little energy for strategy and actual business growth.

But there is good news – you can automate most of these analytical tasks. Thus, many SEO specialists and marketers use Python for SEO to index their websites on Google better and grow their businesses.

It is a powerful programming language and an indispensable automation tool that saves dozens of hours for successful SEO specialists. With little coding knowledge, you can write or download useful Python scripts to boost your SEO. So, keep reading and learn how to use Python scripts to free up 12-15 hours per week.

How to Install Python for SEO?

If you haven’t used Python before, it’s high time to install this programming language from Python.org. You may also come across Python 2 and Python 3. Which one is better for SEO?

The third version of Python 3 is a common standard, and developers no longer support the second iteration. However, you can install both versions since plenty of helpful scripts are written using Python 2.

What Libraries Do You Need to Run Python Scripts?

Once you install Python, you may need several libraries to run the scripts on your websites. Check some of the most popular ones:

  • Beautiful Soup – a tool to extract data from web pages.
  • ...

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