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What’s The Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO? - Search Engine Journal

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Whether there’s an ideal blog post length for SEO has been the subject of debate for as long as search engines have been on the web.

If I may borrow a phrase from Google itself, the answer to that question is “it depends.”

The two main variables to consider when deciding how long your posts should be are:

  • Subject matter.
  • Searcher intent.

The ideal length of a blog post on how to take the perfect selfie is going to be different from the ideal length of a post on the invention of the digital camera.

Why? For starters, one subject demands more information than the other in order to provide a complete answer.

Say what you will about the intricacies of selfie-taking, there’s simply more to cover when talking about the invention of the technology that makes selfies possible.

Secondly, searcher intent is a major factor to consider in the length of a blog post. Do they want to read a short or long article?

It’s likely the person who wants to learn about the history of digital photography is looking to consume a more substantial article than the person looking for selfie tips.

Despite the fact that global attention spans are narrowing, long-form content still performs exceptionally well in search.

However, short content is more than capable of ranking...

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