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3 Digital Marketing Ideas Every Startup, No Matter the Budget, Can Implement Now - TechFunnel

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When Bai approached our digital marketing agency, Be Found Online (BFO), they were a small, home-office startup beverage brand based in Hamilton, New Jersey. Bai needed help in driving the digital side of its business, with the goal of turning its regional distribution into national distribution.

The main challenges with Bai were identifying a target audience, generating awareness for their new brand, and measuring engagement over time. Bai’s products were only available regionally and in only a select number of stores, as well as only on Amazon. In the beginning, our digital marketing agency had to create an awesome digital marketing campaign for Bai with limited resources and budget.

We’d like to share here the top strategies that we implemented with Bai that helped them be named one of America’s “Most Promising Companies” by Forbes before being acquired by Dr. Pepper.

  1. Scale your digital media strategy across multiple platforms.

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Before turning to BFO for assistance with its digital marketing strategies, Bai was only running Google Search. While Google Search was a good tool to leverage their product, it meant there was a wide array of untapped potential in social media that they were not utilizing. Once we began working on digital strategy, we added remarketing, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. We also ran Hulu ads for Bai’s new flavor launch during shows that reached their target...

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