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Decode Google’s new MUM, or Multitask Unified Model, search algorithm with eSearch Logix - ThePrint

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Google keeps coming up with newer algorithm updates, revolutionising the entire horizon of SEO and the concepts of search tools. This is not a surprise to any SEO expert out there.

All these updates from this search giant are intended to deliver a better search experience to its audiences, globally. These updates are not just helpful for business organisations, helping them with a better growth opportunity and skyrocketed ROI, but also for SEO experts who continuously seek for ways to gain better traction.

The latest from Google is MUM.

What Is the MUM Update All About?

Google has come up with its latest algorithm update in June, 2021. And, it’s called MUM.
MUM or Multitask Unified Model, is Google’s new search algorithm that focuses on interpreting and analysing podcasts, videos, and images across multiple languages to come up with the best answers to modern search demands.

This algorithm enables Google to overcome the language barrier and understand 75 different languages in order to simplify the search experience.

With MUM, Google intends to eradicate all machine learning preconceptions.

Why Is MUM So Important?

If you are reading this then it is already pretty clear to you that Google’s MUM update intends to help searchers in a more humane way by bringing down language barriers and leveraging the best search results ever.

And that makes it a lot systematic and fast compared to any other Google algorithm update that has been published earlier.

MUM is a very logical and...

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