Saturday, November 27, 2021

Googlebot Slow Crawling The Web From November 11 - November 17? - Search Engine Roundtable

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Olivier Papon from Seolyzer, a log analysis toolset, reported the other week that Google seemed to slow or stop crawling most of the web between around November 11 and November 17th. I did ask Google about this but have yet to hear back. It seems Googlebot is back at the crawling business now but we are not sure what went wrong or if something did go wrong.

Olivier posted on Twitter on November 15th about this saying "Googlebot is on strike! Googlebot has drastically reduced its crawl activity on many large sites since November 11 at 6PM (GMT)." Many others said they noticed the same thing. I emailed Google about it and they said they would get back to me but I didn't really hear back.

John Mueller of Google did tweet that "We've been looking into it." But I have not heard anything else from Google, yet.

Then on November 18th, Olivier said "Googlebot is back! Googlebot came back as he left, at a specific time: November 17 at 8PM." He shared this chart showing how Googlebot went away and came back:

I personally went through tons of crawl stats reports in Google Search Console to verify it throughout the week. I'd say 90% or more of those who I checked, showed zero dip in crawl activity. That is with the exception of some but I am not sure if there was a pattern. Here is one sample chart showing the dip in crawl activity.

#SEO - Crawl Rate Fixed

It seems like the recent Googlebot crawl rate issue which we faced earlier has been fixed now. :) pic.twitter.com/AXUeEDmzNZ


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