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New study: Amazon wins biggest share of Google results in Apparel, Beauty, Sporting Goods and Health eCommerce - RealWire

Last updated Tuesday, November 23, 2021 08:32 ET , Source: NewsService

Report suggests retailers can win search traffic from Amazon by giving shoppers more “informational” content

Berlin / San Mateo, November 23, 2021 – Amazon.com (9.7%), nordstrom.com (8.0%) and adoreme.com (5.0%) are first, second and third for the share of organic search results on Google’s first page when U.S. shoppers search for Apparel. In the Beauty sector, amazon.com (17.3%) is ahead of ulta.com (6.9%) and sephora.com (5.1%), while in Furniture the top three are wayfair.com (15.3%) amazon.com (11.3%) and homedepot.com (10.7%).

Out of the seven eCommerce verticals analyzed by Searchmetrics in its latest report, amazon.com is revealed to have the highest market share of page one search results in four categories (Apparel, Beauty, Health and Sporting Goods). In the three other sectors (DIY, Furniture, Electronics) amazon.com comes second.

Search activity in all eCommerce verticals remains higher than before the pandemic
The acceleration of eCommerce during the pandemic has seen all seven verticals continuing to experience higher average search volumes during 2021 when compared with pre-COVID-2019 figures, according to the analysis. The sector with the biggest uplift in search activity is Furniture in which the volume of monthly searches per keyword averages 193% higher than in 2019. Next is the DIY sector, with monthly searches per keyword 190% higher on average. For Apparel, the average is 84% higher, and for Beauty it is 83% higher.

Amazon is also among the biggest...

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