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What’s The Best Local SEO Content Strategy For Targeting 100+ Areas? - Search Engine Journal

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In this week’s edition of Ask An SEO, Mehmet from Adana, Turkey, writes:

“Hello there. I own a business that provides cleaning services and serves about 120 different neighborhoods.

I want to create a separate article for each of the city, district, neighborhood, and service searches. Is this the right local strategy and what should the link structure look like?”

Great question.

Your question refers to articles and link structure, so we’ll focus on that today.

But I want to make sure this isn’t your only local search strategy.

A comprehensive local SEO strategy is also going to include:

Wherever customers are searching for services like yours, you want to be there and either convert them immediately or direct them to your desired URL to learn more.

So let’s talk about the idea of putting together a separate article for each city, district, neighborhood, and service.

Local Articles For Each Service & Area?

That sounds like a whole lot of work and not an awesome user experience for your...

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