Thursday, December 2, 2021

SEO For eLearning Professionals: Which Search Engine Optimization Factors To Care About, And What To Do With Them - MoodleNews

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The pandemic has got the whole world in a cage. We all had to get used to a new reality. Some people were somewhat ready for it due to great computer skills, and overall enjoyment of a semi/permanent recluse living. Others found it difficult, with tremendous challenges and maybe even the impossibility of dealing with it, let alone for extended periods of the forming-mind lifecycle.

Now, as the situation seems to reverse somewhat, both well-being losses and returning anxieties come into play, hopefully into the conversation table too. Information technology helped the world from a complete stop, and that includes school years. And yet, technology isn’t always at the center of the debate about resuming to a “New Normal.” At best, people don’t consider tools, apps and platforms as decisive elements in the situation. At worst, experiences in charge of preparing young minds towards a world yet to be built are —to put it diplomatically— underperforming.

To be clear: The problem is not the modality. Within half a century, IT put to the service of education has shown its capacity to cater, deliver and increasingly surpass the quality levels of the education we all receive without it. There is no shortage of studies deeming EdTech as an effective complementary or substitution for traditional means of education. (PDFs) Certainly at this time they reveal a number of flaws in the way implementations take place, from “benign” hassles all the way towards accessibility, equity and...

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