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SEO over the Christmas period - Coast Digital

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Christmas can be a tricky time for some businesses, as consumer attention shifts towards the more festive, “present giving” frame of mind, which can leave some industries in the dark. There is a silver lining to be found though, the Christmas period can be the ideal time for some SEO housekeeping to prepare for the next year.

Check the technical health of your site

Carrying out a technical review of your site is something we always recommend, in fact we love them so much we check all our sites every month. If you don’t tend to crawl your site often, doing so at the end of the year can be a great way to close of the years SEO activity, and also set the foundations for a good start for the following year.

Review your keyword targeting

After a long year of targeting a variety of keywords, Christmas is a great time to review how your site ranks and what has been achieved. In turn, the process will identify optimisations which were not quite as successful as you may have hoped. This presents the ideal opportunity to review how your site is optimised against keywords you want to target. This can range from page titles and heading structure, to on page copy and internal linking.

This process can also identify any changes and trends in how consumers refer to the services or product you provide, which can help inform the wider business on the terminology being used.

Plan content for 2022

Achieving new rankings in search is an excellent way to grow your organic presence. The...

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