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3 Ways Google's Search Console Improves Organic Clicks - Practical Ecommerce

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Google’s Search Console is one of the most helpful search-engine-optimization tools. Unlike most SEO platforms, Search Console provides data straight from the source: Google.

It is also free.

Here are three ways to use Search Console to generate more clicks from your organic listings.

Using Search Console

1. Find search snippets with a high click-through rate. When it comes to organic clicks, there’s historically one fundamental rule: The higher the rank, the more clicks.

But Google’s organic results are changing, becoming more visual and even interactive. Thus sometimes a page may rank, say, in the third position and receive more clicks than the second. The key is understanding the search snippets that attract higher-than-normal clicks. Search Console is the only tool to provide that data.

To access, go to the “Performance > Search results” section of your Search Console reports. Then click the “Average CTR” and “Average Position” boxes to activate them, as they are inactive by default.

Next, scroll down to the actual search queries that drive organic traffic to your pages. Note:

  • The top position tends to receive a 20% – 30% click-through rate,
  • The second position typical has a 10% – 18% CTR,
  • Position three usually is less than 15%.

Any listing that exceeds those percentages deserves attention. Filter to show positions two through five. Then sort results by the highest CTR. Determine the cause of the high CTR and replicate it on other URLs.

Filter in to show...

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