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How to Set Long-Term Marketing Goals for B2B Organizations - Business 2 Community

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Marketing is complicated. As the new year looms, planning your marketing budget and activities is top of mind for B2B marketers and leaders. When looking at your long-term marketing strategies and long-term marketing goals for the year ahead, there are probably many questions your organization will be looking to answer. Should you invest your resources into improving and optimizing your website? Should it be devoted to increasing your social activity and generating leads? What about expanding your marketing automation efforts or supporting sales and the channel? There are many different areas of marketing where you can dedicate a portion of your marketing plan, but it’s critical to assess which areas need it the most, especially when you add budgeting constraints to the mix.

Building a marketing plan helps your organization meet both marketing and business objectives. Once you define these objectives, make them measurable and attach timelines. As your integrated, multi-channel plan develops, this will make it easy for your organization to see what your long-term marketing goals are, making the collective effort more effective and delivering the best possible results.

Create a Marketing Plan Focused on Key Goals

As B2B marketers, especially in the tech space, it’s important to have a marketing plan that outlines key objectives to meet and tactics to utilize to meet those goals. Everything from content goals, to sales goals and more, having a full view of what is wanted to...

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