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333: Serving Your Audience – How Emma Duckworth Doubled Her Pageviews by Focusing on SEO

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Improving your food photography skills, getting a cookbook deal, and focusing on SEO with Emma Duckworth from Emma Duckworth Bakes.


Welcome to episode 333 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Emma Duckworth from Emma Duckworth Bakes about how she’s grown her blog by focusing on SEO.

Serving Your Audience

SEO: love it or hate it, it’s undoubtedly an important area for food bloggers to focus their time and energy on. And that’s why we’re chatting about it with Emma Duckworth in this episode!

This year, Emma decided to double down on her blog and hired a mentor to help her out with SEO. You’ll hear how she used the avatar exercise to understand her audience, how she optimized her homepage and recipe categories, and what she’s doing to focus on SEO moving forward.

It’s a fantastic interview that will encourage you to reflect on your own SEO strategy. We hope you enjoy it!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How Emma got into food photography and food blogging
  • How she grew her food photography skills
  • What steps she took to strategically grow her Instagram account
  • How she started getting her first sponsored work
  • What she learned from the cookbook writing process
  • Why she decided to double down on her blog
  • How she hired a mentor to help her out with SEO
  • How she used the avatar exercise to understand her audience
  • How she optimized her blog’s homepage and categories
  • How she identified and optimized her top-performing posts
  • How she has started doing keyword research
  • Why she and her husband decided to launch a street coffee business
  • What she’s focusing her attention on moving forward


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